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Orenda Blu

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Discover the enchanted music of Orenda Blu, where the beauty of the divine feminine meets the art of devotional chanting.
Sacred Chants is her outstanding debut album on Paradise Music and includes seven beautifully produced tracks.

Ideal for relaxation, practitioners of yoga and meditation as well as those simply seeking a calmness in their everyday busy lives.

Orenda Blu comes from Cherokee ancestry and hails from the heart of pristine and beautiful mountains in the Sierra Nevadas.

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- 31/10/2014 20:36:42
This silky sweet 7 track CD of Sanskrit chants took me all over the place. Each song was so different and each one better than the last. I felt the energy swirl all around me and my body instantly relaxed. There was an amazingly different feel to each one and the sound of her voice was nothing short of magical. I would recommend this blessed experience to anyone wanting a sure fire way to slow down. Thanks Orenda for sharing your unique talents with the rest of us. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann
- 14/12/2012 20:21:39
Orenda Blu immerses the listener in her soothing brand of Sanskrit chant, which highlights the beauty of the ancient words amidst ethereal musical arrangements. Music Design e-review, January 2012

Jay Ambe LISTEN 
Govinda Jai LISTEN 
Om Namo Narayana LISTEN 
Ganapataye Namaha LISTEN 
Moola Mantra LISTEN 
Jai Kali Ma LISTEN 
Om Shanti LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 51mins
" Such an uplifting and fresh sounding album. If you like Deva Premal you will love Orenda Blu" LLEWELLYN.