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Bridget McMahon

Bridget McMahon has been singing and playing music since she was a child - he father is a singer of traditional songs from County Clare. She fist appeared in acoustic clubs and Irish music sessions with her sister in Leicester UK. She attracted attention which led to her joining various groups such as The Sisters of Murphy.

She recorded with bands Endorphin and Saoirse and joined the band Govannen, recording atmospheric vocals alongside Vikki Clayton on their acclaimed Healing Waters album. She left the band to move with her young family to Ireland but returned to record on Govannen's Celtic Fire album and play some concerts with them.

Bridget lives in the remote west coast of Ireland in County Mayo. Her two children, Saoirse and Daniel, take up much of her time but she continues play concerts, solo and in a duo with Eamon Wilson which in 2007 took her to Dublin, England and Croatia and singing live on Irish Radio.

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