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Pyramid Creations-Beautiful one-of-a-kind Orgone Transformers are cast in resin and contain crystals, semi-precious stones, silver and copper metals.  It has been scientifically proven that the combination of resin, quartz crystal and metal in Orgone effectively transforms negative energy into positive etheric energywww.pyramid-creations.com

Blue Water Crystals~ "We Want To Rock Your World".  Selling online since 2000. Our flagship products include our "Ultimate 30 Stone Chakra Set" and over 40 varieties of crystal healing "Power Pouches". Peruse our high quality tumbled stones and you'll find over 50 different types ranging in size from extra small minis to the classic 1 inch larges. We've got the fancy pieces too, Spheres, Pyramids, Wands, Pendulums, Hearts, etc. We offer flat rate combined shipping to Canada and International and if your in the U.S., it's free. We try really hard to do a good job and promise you'll be pleased. See you on the inside www.bluewatercrystals.com.

Spirit Quest Tours - Spirit Quest Tours is a boutique luxury travel company that creates transformational tours to exotic locations around the globe.  Some of our upcoming small group tours include: an Eat Pray Love tour to Bali; a gastro-spiritual tour of Spain designed to feed body, mind, and spirit; a Sufi festival in Morocco, a spiritual & musical experience in Cuba, and an eco-safari to South Africa.  Join us for your vacation and change your life!  http://www.spiritquesttours.com/

Sage Meditation - Offering Meditation, Yoga, and Thai Shiatsu Massage Supplies. Including traditional Zafu and Zabuton meditation cushions, our exclusive Cosmic Cushion meditation cushion, eco-friendly yoga mats and cork blocks, large futon-style bodywork mats, and a wide variety of accessories to enhance your personal practice.  http://www.sagemeditation.com

Mystic Living Today - Mystic Living Today is an online magazine, eZine, created to showcase information of an uplifting nature. Articles, interviews, reviews, poetry, stories are all brought to you in a very positive light.  www.mysticlivingtoday.com

Divine Blessings Academy - serving students through courses and programs in spiritual and energy healing. Join us in learning spiritual healing, reiki, chakras, meditation, and much more.  Visit us at: www.divineblessingsacademy.org

Unicorn Books and Gifts - We are proud to sell paradise CD's and metaphysical supplies as well as main stream books, new and used and unique gifts. www.unicornbooksandgifts.com