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Faerie Workshop PMCD0059
Alicen Geddes-Ward

Price: $12.95

Top UK faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes-Ward takes us on a magical journey to meet the faeries. Featuring popular visualisations and guided meditations from her own faerie workshops, this unique CD is an absolute must for anyone who has a passion about faeries.

Featuring music by Llewellyn.

Alicen Geddes-Ward is acknowledged as one of the UKs leading experts on the Faerie realms.

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- 14/12/2012 20:45:59
This one is a lot of fun and really can help bring you into the Faerie Realm a wonderful, magical and mystical place to be. I would recommend this precious ditty to anyone who does or wants to believe. Mystic Living Today Riki Frahmann

  1.Welcome Alicen - LISTEN
2. Do you believe in Faeries? An exercise in belief
3. Visualising Your Faerie Queen
4. The Faerie Queen Meditation
5. Honouring the Faeries Celebration - including Three Healing Faerie Wishes
6. Two Feet Firmly on the Ground - A grounding exercise.