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Chronicles of Magick - HEALING MAGICK PMCD0127
Cassandra Eason

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This is the first ever recorded magick course that will guide you through all you need to know to enrich your life with magick, reverse bad fortune and shape your own destiny in the way you want. Cassandra Eason, one of the worlds most experienced white witches, will guide you step by step in the safe, positive but powerful old ways of magical wisdom and share her secrets with you. Open your own innate magical abilities as people have done for thousands of years and enter a world where almost anything is possible.

Music composed & performed by Llewellyn

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  Track 1 Understanding healing magick
Track 2 The tools, times, angelic and magical associations for healing spells
Track 3 Magical herbalism
Track 4 The healing power of water
Track 5 Sacred wells and water spells
Track 6 Standing stones and circles and empowered stone water
Track 7 The healing power of fire
Track 8 The healing power of Mother Earth
Track 9 Magick crystal healing
Track 10 Healing in your life