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As a popular composer and producer of relaxation music and guided meditations for many years, Llewellyn has created a relaxation trinity that offers the ultimate in freeing your mind and body from tension and stress.

Firstly, he takes us on a gentle but effective tension-releasing guided meditation journey.

Secondly, soothing relaxation music from one of his best selling albums.

Thirdly, Llewellyn completes our relaxation experience with calming natural sounds of gentle breaking waves onto a sandy beach.

1. Relaxation Guided Meditation (20 mins)
2. Relaxation Music (30 mins)
3. Natural Sounds - Calming seas (10 mins)

Total Running Time : 60 minutes

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- 09/04/2018 16:49:51
- 31/10/2014 20:29:14
I loved reviewing this 1 track 60 minute CD of waves breaking on Pendower Beach in Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall. It reminded me so much of my childhood, growing up in Coastal Maine. I think Mother Nature makes the best music anyway. I listened to it with headphones and it was so clear and crisp I could feel the sun on my face and a gentle breeze blowing through my hair. I would recommend this blessed creation to anyone wanting an extra dose of peace in these confusing times. Thanks you two, for bringing a little more serenity into my life. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann
- 14/12/2012 21:20:07
Llewellyn's lilting voice combines nicely with the background music, and the entire hourney leaves the listener feeling well rested, lighter and more at ease. Leela Durgane Circles of Light

Relaxation Guided Meditation LISTEN 
Relaxation Music LISTEN 
Natural Sounds - Calming Seas LISTEN 
"Finding healing music that soothes, relaxes and also supports the listeners experience by inviting them into a state of consciousness that invokes weill-being is always a find. When it comes to llewellyns CDs released by Pardise Music, you cant go wrong." Circles of Light, September 2010.