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Native American Nights PMCD0183

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Niall returns with a calming tribute to the Great Indigenous People of North America.
Native American Nights is a beautiful relaxing album that invites the listener to a place of tranquility around the camp fire under a wondrous starry night sky.

Featuring authentic native flutes and soft skin drums actually made by the Blackfoot Tribe, Native American Nights also includes subtle natural sounds (distant thunder, wolves, gentle river) authentic chants, along with gently picked acoustic guitars and ethereal keyboard textures.

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- 09/04/2018 16:23:39
- 24/07/2013 22:06:34
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- 14/12/2012 19:55:42
Very nice, quiet and lyrical album that power traditional Indian music blends with modern musical traditions. Ascentor

Blackfoot Fire LISTEN 
Night Hawk Wing LISTEN 
Keepers of the Night LISTEN 
Bright Star LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 50mins