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Shaman Workshop PMCD0113
Lynne Sibley

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A Shaman is a mediator between worlds, between the
seen and unseen. Like a traveller who can access
wisdom, teaching and healing from different stops on
their spiritual journey and bring them back to their
ordinary every day reality. Written and presented by
Lynne Sibley - Shaman Workshop is a spiritual journey
in which we enter an altered state of consciousness to
experience new knowledge, empowerment, healing, new
insights and spiritual guidance.

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- 14/12/2012 21:07:09
The music was perfect also and helped me to stay relaxed and focused all at the same time. I feel that anyone can benefit from working with this CD especially those who are drawn to the Shamanic traditions and disciplines. Mystic Living Today Riki Frahmann

2.Smudging and Basic Tools
3.Consecrating Items
4.Extending Awareness and Finding Your Special Place
8.North and the Return
9.In Nature with the Four Directions
10.Receiving Guidance and Wisdom from Within
11.Final Words for a New Start