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Angel Divination Cards - CD Greetings Card with CD-ROM PMCD0216
Jacky Newcomb

Price: $5.95

ORACLE CARD 2 - Angel Divination Cards
Angel Oracle Card Reading
by Jacky Newcomb
44 beautifully designed virtual Angel Oracle Cards
to help provide insight and a positive outlook
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Featuring music by Llewellyn from Crystal Angels

Dear Angel Friends, I have designed these inspirational angel divination cards for you to use simply and easily on your home computer. Give yourself an angel reading each day or whenever you feel the need of a little angelic wisdom.
You can ask for wisdom on a particular topic first of all: Career, Money or Relationships. If you wish, choose more than one card to obtain your answer.

Your angels are always around you and long to support your ideas and choices. We are always in charge of our own life journey but sometimes we need just a little help from our friends or guardian angels.
The Jacky Newcomb Angel Divination Cards will help you to connect to your celestial helpers in a fun and exciting way. Donít forget to thank your angels after your reading!

ISBN: 978-1-906738-82-2 Artwork by Clookai Multimedia
Music by Llewellyn

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