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Teen Witch Workshop PMCD0215
Alicen Geddes-Ward

Price: $12.95

So, you think you could be a witch? Take your first steps on
your magical pathway where you will learn what real witches
do and donít do.
Enter a realm of magic; gently and enchantingly where you will learn to awaken your natural ability to explore and learn The Craft.
This workshop has been created especially if you are a teen
to guide you safely in what you really need to know to get
you started in magic.

Know the Warning Label on Magic; Use Magic Safely and Responsibly
Prepare to be Magical with Potions and Herbology
Open and Close the Door Marked Magic
Cast a Magic Circle
Meet the Elementals
Raising the Power and a Journey with the Star Goddess - Queen of the Constellations
Perform Three Simple Spells to Empower Your Life
Spell One: Invisibility Cloak
Spell Two: Find me Love
Spell Three: Keep me safe
Magical Offerings
Close the Door Marked Magic and Have a Midnight Feast!

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Over one hour of information presented by Alicen Geddes
Produced by Llewellyn