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TIBET - Spiritual Journeys of the World PMCD0153

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After a year and a half of research and recordings at Buddhist temples, the outstanding album "Tibet" by Niall is now finished.

From the producer of Tibetan Healing Sounds comes a beautiful musical journey inspired by the breathtaking mountain landscapes, the extraordinary temples and shrines, and the great spiritual people of Tibet.

Featuring authentic instrumentation and chants, Niall creates a serene and wonderful tribute to the Tibetan cultural heritage.

Featuring Juliana on guest vocals

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- 09/04/2018 16:26:07
- 14/12/2012 20:19:44
Distant chants create a sense of immense space and awe, and the use of strategically placed bells and flute complete the sound for a tune that is a perfectly tranquil introduction to this magical place. The lightest touch of synthesizers reminds the listener of Niallís New Age origins, while the flute keeps the music rooted in classical Tibetan sounds. DailyOM

Welcome to Tibet LISTEN 
Niall's Temple LISTEN 
Bell of Hope LISTEN 
Song of Peace LISTEN 
Monastery Garden LISTEN 
Om Mani Padme Hum LISTEN