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Magickal Nights PMCD0221

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Following on from his award winning album Nature Angels (COVR Best New Age album 2010) Andreas has created an album for those who want to bring magick into their lives.

Magickal Nights is not only mystical and romantic in its production but has been put together with great sensitivity and love for the Goddess.
Andreas creates the perfect ambience for those wishing to bring the things we want into our lives through working with magick or simply losing themselves in a velvet night sky of enchanting music.

Features acoustic guitars, piano, flute, chimes and strings.

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- 09/04/2018 17:00:56
- 14/12/2012 19:44:23
A beautiful album in which stories come to life, and swaying candles burn ancient mysteries and contemporary issues, helping to relax, focus and just dream. Sergey, Ascentor Blog, January 2012

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Star Goddess LISTEN 
Book of Shadows LISTEN 
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Night Magick LISTEN 
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  Total Running Time : 53mins