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Celtic Dreamer PMCD0225
Chris Conway

Price: $12.95

Multi - instrumentalist Chris Conway has created an album of evocative Celtic music for relaxation and to aid sleep.
Featuring an amazing array of instruments plus guests from bandmates GOVANNEN (Celtic Fire) the music follows the Celtic mysth of Caer Ibormeith - a princess who becomes a swan every other year, her appearance to Aengus in a dream, and his search for her.

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- 09/04/2018 16:54:37
- 10/09/2013 22:40:32
Just wanted to let u know I listened to Celtic Dreamer, and it is one of the most peaceful relaxing albums Ive ever heard. Especially considering it's celtic flavour. I will be adding #3, 1, 7, maybe 8. Yours in harmony, Renee Gelpi - GalaxiePlus The Spa/ NewAge Channel and The Nature Channel Galaxie Music Network
- 09/07/2013 21:15:04
Whimsy and romance swirl like the salty waters of the sea in the enchanting SPIRITS OF THE MERMAIDS from Mo Coulson and Chris Conway. The music goes hand in hand with a story based on the folk tale of Melusine, which in this case tells of a young mermaid who marries a human, but soon finds herself filled with a desire to return to her home under the waves. The music is a lilting blend of harp and guitar, with dashes of tin whistle, zither, kalimba, violin, cello and bodhran added to the mix. Music Design e-Review June 27, 2013
- 14/12/2012 19:17:03
Multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway has integrated Celtic influences into an ambient new age context to create a blissful soundscape that is supremely relaxing. Celtic Dreamer is a gorgeous recording that is sure to please fans of Celtic and new age music alike. Michael Diamond Awareness magazine

Dream Portal LISTEN 
Swan Maiden in Flight LISTEN 
The Girl in the Dream LISTEN 
From Shore to Shore LISTEN 
Silver Chains at the Lake LISTEN 
Entwined LISTEN 
Blissful Sleep LISTEN 
Two Swans in Flight LISTEN 
Dream Portal Beyond LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 53mins
Chris Conway - Irish tin & low whistles, piano, keyboards, zither,electric 9 string guitar, kalimba, vocals, theremin, bodhran, bells, chimes, effects.
Adele McMahon - violin,Dan Britton - acoustic nylon string guitar, Mo Coulson - Celtic harp, Georgina Sear and
Zorpinda Zorpin - vocals