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Journey to Atlantis PMCD0065
Kevin Kendle & Llewellyn

Price: $12.95

Popular recording artists Kevin Kendle & Llewellyn come together again to produce an exciting collaboration inspired by the mystery and legend that is Atlantis.

The listener is taken on an underwater journey to seek out the romantic and lost city of Atlantis. Outstanding performances including guest mermadic vocals by Juliana make this a must have album for all enthusiasts of highly crafted inspirational music.

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Into the Deep LISTEN 
The Lost City Part 1 LISTEN 
Lights of Atlantis LISTEN 
Hidden Treasures LISTEN 
The Great Crystal LISTEN 
Mermaids of Atlantis LISTEN 
The Lost City Part 2 LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 49:03mins

Put the two best electronic keyboard new age music artists together on a project and you should expect nothing short of brilliance. Thankfully, brilliant is exactly the word to describe Journey to Atlantis from Kevin Kendle and Llewellyn. Desp