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Celtic Earth PMCD0258

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Govannen present a follow-up to their award winning Celtic
Fire album with another powerful rhythmic instrumental album
of Celtic music.
Fiddle, Irish whistles, bodhran and a raft of exotic instruments play jigs and reels with global influences and new music evoking the Celtic tribes travelling to their homelands and then across the Earth.

Chris Conway tin, twin & low Irish whistles, keyboards, acoustic/electric 9 string guitars, bombarde, zither, kalimba, theremin, percussion, & vocals
Adele McMahon violin
Dan Britton acoustic guitar, bodhran, percussion, vocals
Neil Rabjohn cajon drum, frame drum, percussion, vocals

Special Guests
Bridget McMahon vocals, Mo Coulson Celtic harp, vocals, wind chimes, Carl Peberdy sitar, tabla, vocals

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- 02/05/2018 15:28:53
Celtic music at it's best. This inspired album brings with it 52 minutes of deep connection to an ancient time of gaity and wisdom. I feel in love with all the tradition instruments and it left me feeling like dancing. I would recommend this great find to anyone drawn to the Celtic ways or those who just like beautiful music. Thanks Govannen for the journey to freedom. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann

Celtic Tribal Gathering LISTEN 
The Knotted Cord Corney Is Coming LISTEN 
Celtic Earth LISTEN 
Wiccan Chicken Goat LISTEN 
Renewal LISTEN 
The Rocks Of Bawn The Lilting Banshee LISTEN 
The Braes Of Moneymore LISTEN 
The New World LISTEN 
The Foggy Dew Hurry Scurry LISTEN 
King Of The Faeries LISTEN 
Blarney Pilgrim Merrily Kissed The Quaker LISTEN 
Farewell Celtic Tribes Disperse LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 52mins