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The Little Pain Relief Meditation Album PMCD0259
Philip Permutt

Price: $12.95

Pain is a long standing problem of epidemic proportions around the world. For example in America 83 million people are living with pain that affects their participation in daily activities. *
This is the meditation album to help you ease your pain. Guided by experienced meditation teacher and healer Philip Permutt on six individual meditation journeys designed to help you find relief from injury or chronic long term pain.
Featuring calming and relaxing music by award winning composer Llewellyn

* The Alternative Medicine Foundation 2010

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- 14/12/2012 20:57:25
Meditation expert Philip Permutt offers this series of meditations that will aid you in using breath, visualization and progressive muscle relaxation to lessen pain. Music Design e-Review 9/20/2012

“With Llewellyn’s music and Philip’s calm voice to
guide you into a new world of relaxation you have a
perfect combination.” MY SPIRIT RADIO