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Spirits of the Mermaids PMCD0264
Chris Conway

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Relaxing Celtic music and songs featuring a host of instruments such as Celtic harp, Irish whistles, zither and flute and Mo Coulsons beautiful voice, plus guest players from the Govannen and Red Herrings groups.
Follow the story of Melusina, a mermaid who is torn between her life with a man she loves and the pull of her old life in the sea.

Mo Coulson Celtic harp, vocals, accordian.

Chris Conway - keyboards, Irish tin & low whistles, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, bombarde, zither, bamboo flute, kalimba, vocals, bodhran, percussion, sound effects.

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- 09/04/2018 17:09:11
- 31/10/2014 20:32:50
This CD was a delight to review. There are 13 hauntingly beautiful tracks all different, and all magical. The instruments were crisp and flowing and the voices enticing and wonderful. I felt relaxed like I was being gently rocked to sleep. I would recommend this amazing find to anyone wanting a blessed treat from the sea. Thanks you two, for a haven in these troubled times. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann
- 03/07/2014 20:15:27 I especially enjoyed listening to this album from start to finish with headphones to be fully immersed in the lush aqueous soundscapes created within this imaginative and entrancing musical adventure. Michael Diamond, Awareness Magazine July-August 2014

Towards the Shore LISTEN 
Mermaids join the Dance LISTEN 
Ophelia LISTEN 
Lure of the Siren LISTEN 
Melusina LISTEN 
Storms and Sea LISTEN 
Longing for the Sea LISTEN 
Underwater Dreams LISTEN 
Don't make a Sound LISTEN 
Mermaid's Wedding Dance LISTEN 
The Water Kelpie LISTEN 
Lady in the Moon LISTEN 
Return to the Sea LISTEN