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Moon Spells PMCD0193

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Working closely with popular author Cassandra Eason, Moon Spells is specially composed music by Lewellyn to be used when making specific spells at the different phases of the moon.

1. Waxing Moon 2. Full Moon 3. Waning Moon 4. New Moon

Featuring Juliana on vocals

Each of the four tracks relates to one of the four main moon phases and reflects differing energies so that you can tune in spiritually, emotionally and on the deepest levels of magick in four different but interconnected ways.

On the 12 page sleeve notes Cassandra Eason has created four spells for each moon phase but you can use these as a template for creating your own magick as you listen to the tracks and move closer to Lady Moon in all her moods, phases, ages and stages.

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- 09/04/2018 16:45:48
- 23/07/2015 19:43:40
A melodic blend of synth tones, flutes, guitar, vocal sounds and warm ambience. The effect is soothing and the sound of luminous, creating an atmosphere that bears a spark of whimsy coupled with ethereal grace. ---Music Design In Review Sept/Oct 2013

Waxing Moon LISTEN 
Full Moon LISTEN 
Waning Moon LISTEN 
New Moon LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 49mins