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Native American Prayer PMCD0266

Price: $12.95

Gentle and sensitive Native American wood flutes create a beautiful album of music to soothe and calm the mind, body and spirit. Produced by award winning recording artist Llewellyn, Native American Prayer seeks to bring to the listener a state of peace and happiness. Also features authentic Native American chants, gentle skin drums and Llewellyns unique style of atmospheric multi-layered keyboards, and natural sounds.

Ideal for Relaxation, Massage, Visualisation & Meditation

1. Red and Purple Sunset
2. True Peace
3. Oneness
4. Wakan - Taka (The Great Spirit)
5. Walking in Beauty
6. Earth our Mother
7. Hearts to Understand

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- 09/04/2018 16:46:35
- 27/02/2014 21:52:08
I found this 7 track CD to be a much needed connection to my Indian Spirit. I felt deeply pulled from one track to the next as I could hear my Guides talking with me and connecting to me. The music just felt so sacred and filled with meaning. I would recommend this brilliant tribute to anyone connected to the Native American and Shamanic Way. Thanks Llewellyn, you are so multidimensional and gifted. Riki Frahmann Mystic Living Today 2/14/14

Red and Purple Sunset LISTEN 
True Peace LISTEN 
Oneness LISTEN 
Wakan - Taka (The Great Spirit) LISTEN 
Walking in Beauty LISTEN 
Earth our Mother LISTEN 
Hearts to Understand LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 52mins