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Shamanic Journey PMCD0277

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1. Raising Energy - The Rhythm of the Drum
2. Journeying - Lower World
3. Journeying - Upper World
4. Journeying - Middle World
5. Journeys End

Featuring powerful skin drums, native american chants, flutes, percussion, and natural sounds Llewellyn creates the perfect soundscape for Shamanic Journeying.
In Shamanic tradition there is an invisible realm beyond the physical world.
This unseen reality is sometimes known as the Other World.(Celtic Lore) or in the Australian aboriginal tradition as the Dreamtime. Shamans believe that this unseen realm is divided into three separate worlds: the Lower World, the Upper World, and the Middle World. Each world has distinct energies and vibrations with particular gateways and landscapes. In this special album Llewellyn presents each of these three worlds which can be used for listening pleasure or by experienced teachers and students for Shamanic Journeying.

Composed & Performed by Llewellyn
Produced by Llewellyn

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Raising Energy - The Rhythm of the Drum LISTEN 
Journeying - Lower World LISTEN 
Journeying - Upper World LISTEN 
Journeying - Middle World LISTEN 
Journey's End LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 47mins