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Healing Thunderstorm PMCD0278

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Healing Thunderstorm features the atmospheric soundscape of distant rumblings and crackles of a summer thunderstorm. The recording features 2 tracks:
1 x 35 minutes of a thunderstorm and 1 x 35 minutes of a thunderstorm carefully mixed in and out with calming relaxation music composed and performed by Llewellyn.

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- 09/04/2018 16:44:50
- 23/07/2015 19:32:46
This album offers two different ways of experiencing a thundershower. The first track features periodic thunder rumbles and a near constant flow of rain. Not loud scary thunder, but soft soothing crackles. The second track incorporates soft keyboard based ambient music to give the atmosphere a tender touch. ----Music Design In Review Feb/Mar/April 2015

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  Total Running Time : 70mins