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Power Koshi 

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Available only in Digital Format

Koshi Bells with calming sea. The heavenly tonal scale of this Koshi chimes gives an inspiring, relaxing experience of joy and happiness - Stay calm in a warm tranquil state of mind.
Best enjoyed on low volume. Switch off, let it go and relax.

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After years of practicing meditation and yoga, Kai discovered that relaxation music gave him the harmony and freedom he never experienced before. He now creates his own unique music to help himself and others to relax and end the ?mental chatter?. Through a helping, carrying, higher hand that guided him from one place to another, his higher self was called to instruments that reflected his inner self, relaxed him and ultimately gave him the floating feeling of freedom. It is his desire that you experience this same sensation while listening to his music.

True bliss unfolds only if you can share this bliss.