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Reiki Gold 2 PMCD0270

Price: $12.95

Reiki Gold 2 is the long awaited sequel to Llewellyns classic Reiki healing album Reiki Gold.
Once again this specially recorded music is ideally timed for treatments, allowing healers and listeners
to discover the power and benefits of Reiki with a clear and relaxed mind and body.

Reiki Masters and students will be inspired by the beautiful healing vibrational sounds that will unfold
when playing Llewellyns Reiki Music.
It is deeply relaxing music and also perfect for other therapies including massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.
If you are looking for music to simply help
you relax or sleep, then Reiki Gold 2 is ideal.

1. Pathway to Home
2. Reiki Truth
3. Reiki Love and Peace
4. Reiki Stillness and Rest
5. Hear The Wisdom of My Soul
6. A Place of Healing
7. A Place of Light
8. A Deeper Connection
9. In Honour and Respect I Heal
10. All that I Am
11. The Gift of Myself
12. Pathway to Home (reprise)

Total Running Time: 1 hour

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- 17/06/2019 19:40:42
!!! Gold Medal Award Winner at the 2019 Coalition of Visionary Resources Ceremony !!!

Pathway To Home LISTEN 
Reiki Truth LISTEN 
Reiki Love and Peace LISTEN 
Reiki Stillness and Rest LISTEN 
Hear The Wisdom of My Soul LISTEN 
A Place of Healing LISTEN 
A Place of Light LISTEN 
A Deeper Connection LISTEN 
In Honour and Respect I Heal LISTEN 
All that I Am LISTEN 
The Gift of Myself LISTEN 
Pathway to Home (reprise) LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 60mins
" Turn to the work of Llewellyn to hear the work of a true genius. He is the Mozart equivalent of
new age music " Franklin Bishop - Live Listings Magazine

" The relaxing magical music places you in the perfect backdrop for meditational listening "
The Celebrity Cafe

Llewellyn proves once again that few can match him when it comes to crafting superbly engineered
new age music " New Age Retailer