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Calling My Angels PMCD0110

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Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, Calling My Angels is beautiful relaxing celestial music composed and performed by Niall. (Reiki River) Ideal for treatments such as Reiki and Massage, Calling My Angels creates the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing.

Co-Produced by Llewellyn & Niall

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- 09/04/2018 16:30:32

Angels guard my sleep and waking LISTEN 
Call to waken my Angels LISTEN 
Angels gather on high LISTEN 
From Heaven to Earth LISTEN 
My Angels guard my day LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 50:43mins
"Calling My Angels is like falling into a feather bed of immeasurable softness or bathing in crystal-clear waters warmed by sunlight, surrounded by nature." Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer, March/April 2009