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Tarot Workshop PMCD0074
Suzanne Corbie

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In this special double CD workshop, experienced tarot teacher Suzanne Corbie presents an introductory guide to learning tarot. Beginners are encouraged to work with their own intuition and feelings. Presented in Suzannes fun and easy going style, she covers both the Major and Minor Arcana tarot cards. It is an easy to understand and no-nonsense guide that enables you to quickly learn how to work with tarot cards and give readings for yourself and others.

Suzanne has read and studied the tarot for over thirty years and has taught it for the last seven. She regularly teaches classes and workshops in tarot all over the UK

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- 14/12/2012 20:28:36
This is a great set to help yourself learn how to use the tarot, or to work together with your friends in a group. For discussion purposes you can each share what each card means to you. You may help others see things they hadnít seen before, and they may do the same with you. Kerri Connor, Chicago Paganism Examiner

  CD 1

1. Introduction to the Tarot
2. The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress,
3. The Emperor, the Hierophant, the Lovers, The Chariot, Strength
4. The Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death
5. Temperance, the Devil, the Tower, the Star,
6. The Moon, the Sun, Judgement, the World
7. Working with the Tarot Daily Readings and questions
8. Simple Three Card Spreads
  CD 2

1. Swords
2. Wands
3. Cups
4. Pentacles
5. Connecting with the Tarot
6. Step by step celtic cross spread
7. Guided meditation through the Major Arcana - the Journey of the Fool