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The Little Meditation Album PMCD0041
Philip Permutt

Price: $12.95

This album has six, ten minute meditations. Each is designed to work as a short exercise or can be combined with the others.

If you have 10 minutes listen to one track, or you can listen to the whole album following each meditation in turn.

Since "discovering" meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in 1979, Philip has practised and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. He teac

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  Meditation 1 - "Breath Counting"
This is an easy way to relax and release any stress from your day. Focus on your inner being through your breath and reconnect with your spirit.
Being one of the simplest meditations found in many different schools of meditation, you may find that different people use different numbers of breaths or count on in breaths, out breaths, both or in between breaths. All these meditations are the same.
This is a wonderful exercise for focusing the mind and can be done before any other meditation if you are feeling too stressed to sit quietly and relax. Just start breathing and follow the instructions.

Meditation 2 - "Bubble Meditation"
An excellent exercise for clearing the mind from stress, worries and concerns. It doesnt matter if your worries are specific or general, or even known or unknown. This meditation will help to bring them clearly into your mind and release them. It is often used in its westernised version as a form of stress management (all modern stress management has its roots in meditation). However when this exercise is repeated often enough you find yourself left with no stress, worries or concerns. What have you left but yourself?

Meditation 3 - "Energy Centres"
This is a mixture of several different meditations. It is particularly helpful for relaxing, balancing and healing. It is one of those magical things that will help you do whatever you need to do at any time. It can energise you in the morning and aid restful sleep at night. The idea of "white light" is used in this exercise simply to help people who find it difficult to feel or express the movement of energy. The "white light" is energy.

Meditation 4 - "Junk"
We all take on "stuff". People annoy us and events have a habit of sometimes ganging up on us at the worst possible time. This meditation is designed to clear the mind of all these unnecessary things. Its also a great way to release anger, lower blood pressure and generally calm down after an anxious day.

Meditation 5 - "Chakra Breathing"
The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit for wheel. People who see energy often see our own energy centres as spinning wheels of light. Variations of this meditation are common and can be worked with for self-awareness, energising, focusing and healing. This version is directed primarily towards healing although if repeated regularly, as with all meditations, it will take you to the same place of enlightenment.

Meditation 6 - "White Cloud"
Sometimes we just need to relax and this meditation is designed just for that. Imagine yourself floating, wrapped in cotton wool and just being. Being calm and peaceful. Having a clear mind, your heart filled with love, your body totally relaxed and your spirit soaring.
  Featuring Music by Chris Conway - Music for Yoga
Specially mixed and Produced by Llewellyn