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Angel Voices PMCD0056
Lucinda Drayton

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IN USA this title is only available in digital format

Angel Voices features Lucinda Drayton from the highly acclaimed duo Bliss, the angelic voice of international singer Juliana, Hungarian legend Lila Mayi and the breathtaking voice of Kym.

The album features a unique collection of songs that are both individually and collectively a tribute to the feminine
- enjoy.

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- 31/10/2014 20:35:03
This 10 track CD was like a blessed and much needed journey into Heaven. Beautiful angelic voices caring a message of hope and love completely filled with spirit. Each song as amazing as the last it will chase away the blue meanies any day any time. This beloved find has easily made its way onto my bedside table. I would recommend this melodic guide to anyone wanting to fill with light in the nicest of ways. Thanks all of you so so so much. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann

Earth Angel by Juliana LISTEN 
Avalon Moon by Bridget McMahon LISTEN 
Angel Voices by Kym LISTEN 
Lifted by Bliss LISTEN 
Indigo Eyes by Juliana LISTEN 
Ave Maria by Lila Mayi LISTEN 
I thank You by Kym LISTEN 
Veni Lumen Cordium by Lila Mayi LISTEN 
Never knew I had an Angel (duet) by Juliana & Kym LISTEN 
A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 56:07mins
"Lucinda has one of those voices that warms your soul with its sublime tone and intimacy – on a par with Karen Carpenter’s." Clive Buckland - Kindred Spirit Magazine

"Juliana is one of the finest New Age singers of our time"
Aurielle SilverMoone - Sag